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Savran Technologies Inc. Rare Cell Detection Platform Contributes to Successful Clinical Trial for Detecting Breast Cancer Recurrence

BOSTON–()–Savran Technologies Inc., a Massachusetts based biotech company with a mission to revolutionize non-invasive diagnostics via isolation of ultra-rare cells from blood, today announced the completion of an important Phase 2 multi-center clinical trial conducted at 20 sites across the country utilizing its unique detection platform.

The trial involved about 200 patients with early stage triple negative breast cancer who received chemotherapy and underwent surgery. An important goal of the study was to assess the utility of circulating markers (namely ctDNA and CTCs) in predicting whether the disease would relapse. The study, which is the largest of its kind to date, involved using circulating biomarkers with triple negative breast cancer who had residual disease. Results demonstrated that circulating markers were more successful in predicting relapse than other, more commonly used clinical markers such as tumor size, lymph node status, grade and stage. The study also showed that if a patient is negative for circulating markers, the chances of relapse are low. Augmenting a ctDNA analysis with Savran Technologies’ CTC analysis platform improved the sensitivity of predicting relapse to 90%.

“We are happy to see our technology help manage this agressive cancer,” said Dr. Cagri Savran, the Founder and CEO of Savran Technologies Inc. “We expect our platform to be useful in a wide variety of conditions. Whole cells are precious biomarkers. They can be counted like in this clinical trial. They can be cultured to test drugs. They offer access to an intact genome which allows whole genome sequencing without a background. They can also complement other markers like ctDNA because we have seen instances where a patient was negative for ctDNA but positive for CTCs.”

The application of Savran Technologies’s platform offers a unique benefit as seen in this landmark study in the field of cancer but also presents a meaningful opportunity in the prenatal field. “We are looking forward to exploring business development opportunities with innovative companies in these two fields of use who are interested in a technology platform offering a real competitive advantage” said Savran.

About Savran Technologies Inc.

Savran Tech is a Massachusetts based biotechnology company focused on developing the ultimate technology to isolate ultra-rare cells from blood. The company is using unique micro-fluidic designs and processes, to offer all advantages desired in a scalable rare cell detection platform: centrifuge-free operation with streamlined workflow, rapid processing, high capture efficiency and purity, and individual cell delivery for downstream analysis. Savran Tech is located in Newton, Massachussetts. For more information, please visit the company’s website at and our LinkedIn page.

About Savran Tech’s Market Applications

Savran Tech’s platform technology is applicable to multiple fields of use and the company has focused primarily on two large market opportunities: 1) Cancer Diagnostics: circulating tumor cells (CTC’s) provide researchers and clinicians with unique insights into solid tumors. Savran Tech’s CTC capture technology has already been utilized in a range of tumor types, including breast, lung and pancreas to monitor disease progression as well as prediction of relapse. 2) Prenatal Diagnostics: circulating throphoblasts in maternal blood can provide a comprehensive, non-invasive picture of a fetus as well as access to an intact genome. Savran Tech is currently developing an assay for efficient and high throughput capture and sequencing of single trophoblasts.

About Savran Tech’s Platform

Savran Tech uses a unique and patented technology to capture rare (~ 1 in a billion) cells from a tube of ordinary blood sample. A cocktail of magnetic particles that can recognize specific antigens attach to the targeted cells through incubation in the blood sample. The sample is then passed through our chip which captures the target cells magnetically. The unique design of the system enables flowing through milliliters of blood samples within minutes, and completing an entire assay including reagent incubation steps within a few hours. The platform’s minimal number of components as well as its streamlined workflow allow high scalablity to meet the ever increasing demand in non-invasive liquid biopsies.

About This Clinical Trial

A paper on the clinical trial’s results is published in JAMA Oncology
Trial Registration Identifier: NCT02101385
A video of this work is available on YouTube
A link is available from a newsroom announcement of the clinical trial results


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